Discover the collection of Richard’s books which delve into the complexities of our world, challenge conventional thinking, and illuminate the path to a future of boundless possibilities.

Published 16 November 2021

Contagion is a compelling anthology of ten essays written during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Addressing the diverse impacts of the crisis, these essays delve into topics spanning life, death, mental health, the economy, and more. Through the lens of the pandemic, the anthology explores the evolving nature of truth and knowledge amidst a world grappling with crippling uncertainties.

Published 2 June 2021

The Unacceptable Gift delves into humanity’s indifference to looming existential threats – like nuclear proliferation, the climate crisis, unregulated AI, and machine intelligence. It examines the power of propaganda, the cognitive avoidance of issues we find too shocking to consider, and our blind faith in technology. The book challenges prevailing notions, urging readers to embrace cautionary approaches to the unknown and reconsider societal norms in order to navigate into calmer waters and more secure futures for succeeding generations.

Published 11 February 2013

Heresies are seminal ideas that are at fundamental variance with the established order. Over the many years of advising governments and corporations, Richard has often been branded a heretic and has invariably taken this as a compliment. In the quest for alternative wisdom and new ways of knowing, this short book of essays examines the future of humanity from a mindfully contrarian perspective.

Published 7 December 2012

The 10 years of action research that ultimately gave rise to The Five Literacies of Global Leadership (published by Jossey-Bass in 2007) shattered outdated myths and preconceptions concerning what constitutes effective leadership. Open Heart – Open Mind is a primer for government and business executives who want to access and practice Five Literacies leadership in their own organisations.

Published May 2007

New research has exposed our leadership paradigm as an outdated mess of flawed models and practices. By working with great leaders and observing their common attitudes and behaviours, Richard has cracked a universal code based on intelligence, appreciation and collaboration. This code unlocks five literacies for the praxis of effective global leadership..

Published May 1994

The Management Myth not only explores alternative ways of thinking about the world in which we work, but it also highlights the impact of technological and global change and brings together in a highly perceptive and challenging way the key issues, dilemmas and paradoxes confronting today’s organisations.

Published 1 May 1999

Drawing from the principles of ecological systems and social science, this book explores a new way of organising human interactions and interdependencies, one which gives meaning to our work and dignity to our lives. It offers tools that individuals and organisations can use to restore the pre-eminence of social and intellectual capital.

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