Guided Mastery with Richard David Hames: From Success to Significance

Many awaken with a sense of life’s potential untapped. This feeling is widespread. Society’s understanding and organisation are evolving due to technological leaps, shifts in capitalism, changing democracies, and unforeseen global priorities.

The old industrial economic model, where management and leadership were shaped, is yielding to an ecological paradigm. Enabled by digital networks, this new framework underpins a global economy governed by different laws.

To succeed in this era, one must grasp new principles and discard outdated habits. The web, e-commerce, digitisation, and instant global communication create a networked society within an experience-driven economy.

Truly significant leaders move in an entirely different space – transcending ego, deeply conscious of systemic issues, and able to consult, mediate, network and navigate. In particular, the significant leader possesses mastery in:
  • The ability to ‘see’ what needs to be done at a particular time and the ramifications of doing it (or not doing it).

  • The energy, courage and focus to undertake what needs to be done, and to collaborate with others to do it.

  • The capacity to create the conditions in which what needs to be done can be achieved with as little effort and as much freedom as possible.

Leaders often face the challenge of knowing they must act but lacking the means or knowledge to do so. Richard David Hames offers a bespoke mentoring service tailored to each protégé’s specific needs. This service provides strategic guidance, instills confidence for action, helps achieve personal aspirations, and ensures sustained exceptional performance.

Richard's mentorship includes:

  • Integrated personal, business, and organisational development advice in the context of global networks and ecosystems.
  • Opportunities for reevaluating life’s journey, making course corrections, and leveraging new knowledge and skills.
  • Insights into optimising energy for a higher quality of life, improved focus, creativity, and performance.
  • Reflection and learning through deep systemic interrogation.
  • Capacity-building for creative innovation.
  • Challenging mental models and beliefs.
  • Providing a sounding board for experimental ideas.
  • Testing the resilience of current thinking.
  • Focusing energy effectively for greater achievement and satisfaction.
  • Articulating aspirations and personal brand.
  • Developing progressive business and social strategies.
  • Cultivating an authentic communication style to promote your personal brand.
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