From Success to Significance

Guided Mastery with Richard David Hames

Do you ever wake up in the morning thinking there must be more to life than this? You are not alone. The context for understanding and organising society and its institutions has changed – and is continuing to do so. The speed of technological innovation, together with the restructuring of capitalism, the subsequent changing nature of democracy and the impact of entirely unforeseen global environmental and social priorities, has seen to that.

The industrial economic paradigm of the past three hundred years, in which the disciplines of management and leadership were largely forged, is rapidly giving way to an ecological paradigm. Enabled by digital networks and collaborative technologies, this new framework is shaping a global economy founded on entirely different laws and principles from its industrial forbears.

But these new laws also demand that we approach the task of shaping civilisation and its institutions with a new wisdom. Managing, organizing, learning, working and governing are all changing in quite fundamental ways – ways that would have been simply unimaginable barely a decade ago. The World Wide Web, electronic commerce, pervasive digitization and instant global communications are creating a networked society embedded within an experience economy.

Those of us who comprehend the principles of this new world, and are able to relinquish the knowledge and habits that brought us success in the industrial era, will flourish. Those that continue to obey the industrial axioms of the past, however, will become more and more frustrated before failure ultimately overtakes them.

The role of the leader and the ‘task’ of leading (as traditionally imagined within the industrial paradigm) has become obsolete and ineffective. Success in the past now means nothing.

Truly significant leaders move in an entirely different space – transcending ego, deeply conscious of systemic issues, able to consult, mediate, network and navigate. In particular, the significant leader possesses mastery in:

  • The ability to ‘see’ what needs to be done at a particular time and the ramifications of doing it (or not doing it)
  • The energy, courage and focus to undertake what needs to be done, and to collaborate with others to do it
  • The capacity to create those conditions in which what needs to be done can be achieved with as little effort and as much freedom as possible.

There is nothing more harrowing for a leader than having the imperative to act without the knowledge or means to do so. My bespoke mentoring service is designed to suit each protégé’s specific needs. By providing the most strategically comprehensive, yet totally candid advice, confidence for action is enhanced, personal aspirations are achieved and exceptional performance is mastered and sustained

Successful AND Significant

My proteges come to appreciate that an expert mentor can be the difference between success and significance. By working with me, you will gain insights you never imagined and breakthroughs that will astonish you. Although I choose to work only with successful and influential people, I am able to bring into your life greater clarity about what matters, increasing the likelihood of success by pulling the future into the present, radically speeding up your achievement schedule, and focusing on ways you can do business far more effectively. The service I provide is exclusive, bespoke and intensely personal. By inspiring meaningful change we get extraordinary results and spectacular transitions. These then bring about further career success, more personal happiness, a greater sense of fulfilment and purposeful living.

I particularly help you by:

    • Providing integrated personal, business & organization development advice on a range of issues and challenges facing you within the world of global networks and ecosystems
    • Offering opportunities to reconsider your whole-of-life journey through an integral lens; undertaking subsequent course corrections by re-evaluating strategies and learning to see around corners; and leveraging vital new knowledge and skills in ways that can make a profound difference to the people and projects you are passionate about
    • Presenting detailed insights into your neurophysiological qualities in order that you can optimize your energy more efficiently – resulting in a higher quality of life, improved focus and concentration, greater levels of creativity and enhanced performance
    • Affording regular reflection time and learning space through a designed process of deep systemic interrogation – ranging from purely strategic questions to the profoundly moral
    • Upgrading your capacity for creative innovation by implanting the most appropriate new knowledge and ideas into your current practice
    • Challenging your inherited and current mental models, belief systems and attitudes within a safe environment to give you a far broader range of reference structures, mindsets and options from which to draw
    • Creating greater confidence for action by providing a sounding board, together with custom-designed tools, for the management of risky, audacious, or experimental ideas
    • Acting as a ‘wind tunnel’ to test the resilience and robustness of your current thinking
    • Helping you find and focus your energy more effectively in order to achieve greater levels of achievement, coherence and satisfaction
    • Surfacing and articulating your aspirations to make a difference in the form of legacy scenarios and an authentic personal brand
    • Helping you develop progressive business strategies supported by appropriate social strategies for enhanced organizational performance and development
    • The development of an authentic communication style designed to clarify and promote your personal brand