From Success to Significance

Guided Mastery with Richard David Hames

My approach to life arises from a childhood spent in relative poverty and struggle, from which I developed a deeply humanitarian impulse – a wide-ranging, empathic interest in all things human – coupled with a diversity of experiences derived from working as a manager, professor, author, composer, public speaker, futurist and social innovator.

Today, apart from my work in foresight, I am probably best known as a mentor and an sharp-eyed observer on current affairs, as I help others make better sense and deal with a world disrupted.


I offer tailored mentoring sessions where we:

  • Explore the ability to ‘see’ what needs to be done at a particular time and the ramifications of doing it (or not doing it)
  • Discover the energy, courage and focus to undertake what needs to be done, and to collaborate with others to do it
  • Increase your capacity to shape those conditions in which what needs to be done can be achieved with as little effort and as much freedom as possible.
  • I use proprietary technologies to bring you face-to-face with the deeper patterns and trends [strategic intelligence] that will impact your organization in ways you might not yet see
  • I help you and your co-leaders ‘make sense’ of that strategic intelligence, installing tools that future-proof your business and lower the risk of not knowing what to do
  • Together we ensure that you have processes in place to continuously navigate prevailing conditions, so that you can act instantly to avoid the disruption being suffered by others

  • My public speaking is a vehicle for expanding a group’s appreciation of what is going on in their world at a deep level, re-framing their current understanding of key dynamics, and shifting mindsets from problems to opportunities
  • I provide new strategic intelligence about the dynamics of change in your field of interest and build resilience and diversity into the ways you respond to disruptive patterns
  • I provoke, challenge, stimulate and offer a space for your audience to reflect on new challenges and possibilities

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