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Five Ways to Prepare for the Plague

The fear we all harbour when we are old enough to understand our own mortality is an open secret. It is the suddenness with which disease can strike us down, and the terrible ways it ravages the body. Cancer has…

Reflections on Offensive Behaviour

Speaking as a panellist last year, on the subject of democracy and personal freedoms, I was momentarily side-tracked and mentioned the damage I believed some aspects of radical feminism had done to men generally, explicitly in terms of our identity…

The Phantom Menace

The world turns on its dark side. The fabric of society is shredding. Many of our most life-critical systems no longer work. A few have already collapsed. No, this is not about Star Wars, nor am I referring to Geostorm,…

The Sociopathic Condition We Still Call Leadership

Several years ago, Manfred Kets de Vries, Distinguished Clinical Professor of Leadership Development and Organisational Change at INSEAD, a psychoanalyst by profession and a scholar I greatly admired, suggested that a majority of leaders he had encountered exhibit some kind…


Richard David Hames is a Philosopher-Activist, Strategic Futurist, Mentor and Author

Executive Chairman of The Hames Group, President of the Asian Foresight Institute. Richard works internationally as an adviser to governments and with many of the world’s most innovative and entrepreneurial business corporations.


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